Request to foreign visitors

♦︎Please make a booking after arriving in Tokyo.  There are many visitors who are late because of traffic problems, delay of airplanes , trains, buses.  Tokyo is a big city.  You need time for movement more than expected.  We are trouble if you are late or canceled.   Please understand that.

About  Booking 

♦︎We have no walk-in service. 

♦︎Please make your booking at least 1 hour in advance before coming.


♦︎It accept an out-call with 90min course or more long courses.

♦︎The duration for an out-call areas are until around 30min one way. 

♦︎Transportation expenses are required  separately. 1000yen or 2000yen

♦︎We ask your room number and your check-in name. We confirm your stay before coming


♦︎We are not escort boys. Refreshment (happy ending) is performed by a hand job only. We have no sex and sucking service.

♦︎Last call 21:00

♦︎You have to be finised your massage before 23:00.

♦︎Open 11:00~23:00

Please contact by 21:00

For today's booking  , if you don‘t receive the reply Email in 30min, please text us directly.  If it is not today's booking, you don't need to Email to us.  Thank you !!