♦️¥2000 discount ♦️

S120min ¥17000 → 15000 

♦️¥1000 discount ♦️

B 90min ¥12000 → 11000 

D 90min ¥12000 → 11000 

E 90min ¥13000 → 12000

F100min ¥15000 → 14000

from April 15 to May 31

 Shiatsu  指圧 ・ 整体      

 Japanese style Shiatsu (finger pressure) massage, relax a body by comfortable strength .  Non-oil

A  60min (mainly back side) ¥9000  

B  90min (both sides) ¥12000 → 11000 now ‼️


♦︎ It doesn't includ the foot massage and the testicle massage.

Oil massage

Healing of body and mind with oil massage by high techniqu.

C 60min (mainly back side) ¥9000

D 90min (both sides) ¥12000 → 11000 now‼️

♦︎ It doesn't includ the foot massage and the testicle massage.

Combination   指圧・整体・oil・足裏・ 睾丸  

The best recommendation in our service , shiatsu massage, oil massage, footmassage,  testicle massage.

E 90min (mainly back) ¥13000 → 12000 now‼️

F 100min (both sides ) ¥15000 → 14000 now‼️

S 120min (both sides) ¥17000 → 15000 now‼️

♦︎Extension charge  ¥4000 / 30min


♦︎We are not escort boys. We have no sex and sucking service .

♦︎We offer a relaxation massage.

♦︎We are all japanese therapists. 

♦︎We have no walk in service. The staff does not always stay in the room.

♦︎Make your reservation at least 2 hours in advance please.

♦︎Let us know at least 2 hours in advance if you wish to cancel it please.

♦︎For today's booking , if you don't receive the reply Email in 30min, please contact us directly.

♦︎Cash payment is required before massage start. Credit card can't be used.

♦︎Enter ➡︎ Payment ➡︎ Shower ➡︎ Massage ➡︎ Shower ➡︎ Leave

♦︎The shower time is included in the course time.

Last call   8pm

Room open 11am~10pm (Out call 11pm)


 i-land-tokyo@softbank.ne.jp  ( iPhone )

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Room open
11am ~ 10pm (outcall 11pm )

Last call

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