♦️Shiatsu massage (without oil)

 60min  ¥9000   ( a back side mainly ) 

japanese style Shiatsu (finger pressure ) massage

♦️Oil massage 

 60min  ¥9000  (a back side mainly)

 90min  ¥12000


 90min   ¥13000

 120min  ¥16000

 The best recommendation in our service , shiatsu massage, oil massage, footmassage,  edging massage

♦︎Vibration is an in-store service only.❤️

♦︎Extension charge  ¥4000 / 30min

♦︎We are not escort boys. We have no sex and sucking service . 

♦︎We offer a relaxation massage and a hand-job refreshment service on all menus.

♦︎There are no additional charges.The prices are all included.

♦︎Let us know at least 2 hours in advance if you wish to cancel it please.

♦︎Cash payment is required before massage start. Credit card can't be used.

♦︎Enter ➡︎ Payment ➡︎ Shower ➡︎ Massage ➡︎ hand job➡︎Shower ➡︎ Leave

♦︎The shower time is included in the course time.