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♦︎There may be a delay in responding to yor morning inquiries. Would you wait for a moment please ?

♦︎Payment is cash only. Credit cards can't be used.

♦︎Last call    6:30pm  (Please make a booking by 6:30pm)

♦︎Room open  10am ~ 9pm 

♦️If any of the following conditions apply, we can't  make your order.

♦︎Poor physical condition such as fever ・cough etc.【発熱・咳】

♦︎Skin rash ・Dermatitis【発疹・皮膚炎】

♦︎Infection disease 【感染症】

♦︎Get drunk 【飲酒】

♦︎Heart disease・Kidney disease・Liver disease  etc.【心臓病・腎臓病・肝臓病】

♦︎Injury・Bruise・Fracture・Chronic pain etc.【怪我・打撲・骨折・慢性痛】