The details of the places will be informed  you after bookingYou will never be able to find the places without our informations, because there are nothing even signboards and marks on the street.  Of course they (the general public) don't know our places too.  Please do not come without booking.  Thank you.

The Room No.1  No.2

♦︎We have no walk-in service. Please make your book at least 1 hour in advance before coming . We are not always in the rooms.

♦︎Located near Nishi-shinjuku-gochome station ( 西新宿五丁目站, No: E29 ) which is two stops from Shinjuku station ( 新宿站 ) on the Toei subway Oedo Line ( 地鉄  大江戸線 ).  There are 2 private rooms, but the rooms  are not in the same buildings, they are in the separate buildings.   Both are 1min walk from the Exit A1 of the station. If possible , you should avoid using at Shinjuku station for transfer to get Oedo Line. Because Shinjuku station is too big and complicated.

♦︎Easily walkable from the Hilton Tokyo, the Hyatt Regency Tokyo and Shinjuku Central Park. Out-call service also available.

♦︎Open 11:00~23:00  ( Last call 21:00 )

JR  Line  Rute Map 

 ➡︎  (it is not a subway )

Subway Rute Map  

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There are 2 kinds of subway companies in Tokyo 

   Metro subway

     Toei  subway


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Studio info

11:00 ~ 23:00

Last call

We have no telphone service. i.land.tokyo.japan@gmail.com